Welcome to HiQual UK Verifications

Hiqual UK receives regular requests from employers, recruitment agencies, educational institutions, and similar organizations seeking to verify the qualifications held by individuals. We understand the critical importance of confirming the authenticity and validity of Hiqual UK certifications to ensure credibility and trustworthiness in the workplace and educational settings. As an organization committed to upholding the highest standards, we take reports of fraudulent certificates seriously and strongly recommend that learners keep their documents safe to prevent any misuse.

When it comes to verifying qualifications, Hiqual UK provides several options to facilitate the process and ensure accurate verification:

• Online Verification:

Hiqual UK offers a secure and user-friendly online verification platform. This platform allows authorized users, such as employers or educational institutions, to access a comprehensive database of qualified individuals. By entering the necessary details, including the learner’s name and qualification information, the system verifies the authenticity and validity of the qualification. The online verification tool provides a convenient and efficient way to verify Hiqual UK qualifications quickly.

• QR Code Verification:

All certificates and parchments issued by Hiqual UK display a unique QR code, conveniently located in the bottom right-hand corner. This innovative feature allows for easy verification using a smartphone or QR code scanner. By scanning the QR code, individuals and organizations can instantly verify the authenticity of the qualification, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

• Direct Verification Request:

If you require verification of a qualification and do not have access to the QR code or online verification platform, you can submit a direct verification request to Hiqual UK. Simply reach out to our dedicated verification team at verifications@hiqual.co.uk, providing relevant details such as the learner’s name, qualification details, and any available supporting documents. Our verification team will diligently review the request and respond within a reasonable timeframe, ensuring accurate and reliable verification.

At Hiqual UK, we prioritize the security and privacy of personal information. We strictly adhere to data protection laws and regulations, ensuring that any personal data shared during the verification process is handled securely and confidentially.

We are committed to providing prompt and accurate qualification verification services to our valued stakeholders. Our verification team diligently reviews each request to ensure the information provided is valid and trustworthy. We understand the significance of timely verification for employers, educational institutions, and other relevant parties, and we strive to deliver efficient and reliable verification services.

For all qualification verification requests or inquiries, please contact our dedicated verification team at verifications@hiqual.co.uk. We are here to assist you and provide the necessary information to confirm the authenticity and validity of Hiqual UK qualifications.

Why verify HiQual UK Certifications?


Verifying a Hiqual UK certification ensures its authenticity and guards against fraudulent claims. Employers and educational institutions can have confidence in the credibility of the qualifications presented by individuals.


Verifying Hiqual UK certifications ensures compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. It provides assurance that individuals possess the necessary skills and knowledge as recognized by Hiqual UK, a reputable awarding body.

iconDue Diligence

By verifying Hiqual UK certifications, employers and educational institutions can demonstrate their commitment to due diligence in the hiring and selection process. It helps safeguard against potential risks and ensures qualified candidates are considered.

iconTrust and Confidence

Verification of Hiqual UK certifications fosters trust and confidence in the competence and capabilities of individuals. Employers can make informed decisions based on verified qualifications, and individuals can showcase their genuine achievements.

iconIndustry Recognition

Hiqual UK certifications are widely recognized and respected within various industries. Verifying these certifications strengthens the reputation of individuals and organizations, as they align themselves with industry-relevant qualifications.

At Hiqual UK, we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity and credibility of our certifications. The Certification Verification page serves as a reliable resource for confirming the validity of Hiqual UK qualifications, enhancing transparency, and promoting trust in the certification process.

Verify your Hiqual UK certification now and join us in upholding the standards of excellence in education and professional development.